Fernand et Andrée,
at the turning of a page...

In the past, numerous farmers like Fernand and Andrée lived with just a few animals. They were particularly attached to their livestock who became part of their everyday life. Unfortunately, the bodies of the farmers don't hold up well with the passing of time.

It's this period that the film captures. Fernand and Andrée already grieved their past who filled their lives with happiness. But now, they don't have any projects anymore. Their universe is reduced to the kitchen, the barn, and the little livestock they're left with, which they treat like their pets. As Jacques Brel said once : « Fernand and Andrée don't talk anymore, or sometimes out the corner of their eyes, but they have a heart for two.

However, this short film doesn't show a melodramatic and sad prespective of old age, it rather concentrates on how a young boy brings light and warmth into the home of old resigned farmers.

An intergenerational link is created, which becomes a synonym for generosity, comfort, and affection. As the days go by, Benjamin feels validated, and when Fernand and Andrée lose their strength, the young boy, fully aware of their situation, takes more and more responsibilities upon him.