The director, Sébastien Pins

As a director, I want to show a lifestyle where time seems to run differently, like the farmer who waits for the swallows' return in spring, or the child who loves feeding the farm animals…

Long ago, a lot of farmers lived with only a few animals. They had a special attachment to their animals, who became part of their day-to-day life. It's this taste for the simple things and this admiration for the small joys in life that I'd like to share through this film.

this child also understands that even though old age might weaken the farmers physically, their love for their animals doesn't wither. The film shows this way the importance of intergenerational links with all of the meaningful exchanges that they bring with them.

Festival nomination:

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  • 500 nominations including 20 « Oscars nominating Festival »
  • 100 awards
Sébastien Pins : Réalisateur
Shape a timeless work of art out of reality
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I'll always remember the day Fernand let me drive the tractor with the trailer full of hay bales. I was so stressed, but also very proud !

I was a bit like the child in the movie. At his age, I was always riding around on my bike, feeling a certain freedom while watching the landscape of the fields go by... And just like him, I also loved working on a farm, and during haymaking seasons, I was happy to help the farmers of the village, like Fernand and Andrée.

The most beautiful stories are the ones right at your doorstep... Since I was little, I knew Fernand and Andrée, so helping them out on their farm only helped increase our bond over time.

For a long time, I wanted to make a TV coverage about them, but I never got the chance back then. But when I saw the bond between Benjamin and he farmer couple, I instantly knew there was a film to be told.

When I got to Fernand and Andrée's place, I knew I would find to very old farmers, the only representatives of their generation. All the other old farmers had left the region.

During my time researching fir the film, I had to face the evidence : both of them had completely given up on their case. That's when I knew that my movie could be the testimony of their pain in regard of all they'd have to leave behind.

Sébastien Pins

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At the end of 2021, "When the swallows fly away" will begin its journey through festivals. Considering the numerous awards won worldwide by Sébastien Pins' previous short films, we have no doubt that this film will also have the success it deserves!

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Entretien avec le réalisateur

Music composed by David Reyes

David Reyes is a composer of great talent, known for his musical creations in numerous films like “Le Renard et L’Enfant” by Luc Jacquet, or shows like “Les Rivières Pourpres”.

David’s sensitivity matches perfectly with Sébastien’s, and the film “When the swallows fly away” is already their second collaboration!

Through the finesse of his work, David is capable like no other composer of infusing life into the world of childhood and the passage to adult life in this short film.

But the collaboration between David and Sébastien is only at its beginning!`,

David Reyes : Compositeur